Englannin kieleen liittyviä oppeja, kuten kielioppia, mutta lisäksi myös sanastoon liittyviä oppimis- ja opetusjuttuja

Työ July 18, 2010

Filed under: Sanastoa ja sanontatapoja — milaja @ 8:48 pm

an occupation (formal) = työ, ammatti, elinkeino

Please, state your name, address and occupation.

a profession – a type of job that requires special training, e. g. work connected with law, medicine or education = ammatti, ammattikunta

I’m in the legal profession. I’m a lawyer.

work (uncount noun) – the tasks and duties which form your job and which you are paid to do = työ, työt, työnteko

I’m a doctor. I have too much work.

a job – the work a person does regularly to earn money = työ, tehtävä, urakka, työpaikka

I’ve got a good job. I’m a plumber.


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