Englannin kieleen liittyviä oppeja, kuten kielioppia, mutta lisäksi myös sanastoon liittyviä oppimis- ja opetusjuttuja

Ihan sekalaista sanastoa July 22, 2010

Filed under: Sanastoa ja sanontatapoja — milaja @ 11:18 am

one in ten = one out of ten

the North of Finland

northern Finland

having spent = after spending

the same + as: He lives in the same house as I do.

dye, dyed, dyed

I’m dyeing my hair.

Is your hair dyed?

every + yksikkö

all + monikko

Every person is important.

All people are important.

on purpose = by design ≠ by chance = by accident

(dis)agree with somebody on something

buy something at a low ≠ high price

Don’t make so much noise.


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